Hunting & Gun Laws

Migration or Invasion?

There is a group of Central American people headed from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala to supposedly seek refuge here in the United States. They are being funded by a globalist group that wants a world without borders. The goal is to topple and weaken the USA economy by overloading our resources with immigrants to take care of. Mean while in Europe both France and Germany are calling for a Europe Union Army. George Soros is funding Antifa to mob in the streets in Portland and other known left leaning cities. We need militias to rise up and fight back. Our freedom is at stake. 


By JDMackenroth

Born in Carmichael, CA in the summer of '82 to an electrician and a legal secretary. Oldest of five, and very protective over all. Married once in 2007, but divorced because of her being a lesbian in 2010. Remarried in 2012 to my current amazingly beautiful and spiritual wife Joyce and my two sons. My life is getting better all the time. My family comes from Cameron TX and I embrace that part of my lineage. I am in no way a California guy. I'm a Texan.