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Five Marines Killed in Helicopter Crash off Coast of Japan

I follow Marine Corps Times, a media publication put out by our nations finest fighting force, the United States Marin Corps. Today, the post they put out made my heart sink.  Five Marines declared dead and their bodies never found, as American, Japanese, and Australian search and rescue teams exhaust their efforts to find them. The fallen Marines go on in our hearts, as they do in their families’.


Lt. Col. Kevin R. Herrmann, 38

Maj. James M. Brophy, 36

Staff Sgt. Maximo Alexander Flores, 27

Cpl. William C. Ross, 21,

Cpl. Daniel E. Baker, 21,

Marines, your selfless service, and your sacrifice will never be forgotten. May you go on to dine at the Table of Warriors in Valhalla, or Heaven as I like to call it. I would like everyone to bow their heads, and remove their hats, and just take a moment of silence. Imagine Taps playing in the background as we honor the memories of these fallen heroes. Nobody asked them to do what they do for us, but they do so willingly, for the love of our country, and to keep us free from Tyranny and Oppression. Jesus said, “Greater love hath no man than one willing to lay down his life for another.” These men proved their love for their country, they gave their lives in service of their country. The blank check they wrote has been cashed, and the Lord has called them home.




By JDMackenroth

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