Hunting & Gun Laws

Check out this pen!

I have a big love for all things tactical! They come in handy when I’m in the field, hiking in the mountain, or patrolling my neighborhood for Neighborhood Watch. This pen holds up to the environment, no matter the situation! The same company also has a Strike Light!!


By JDMackenroth

Born in Carmichael, CA in the summer of '82 to an electrician and a legal secretary. Oldest of five, and very protective over all. Married once in 2007, but divorced because of her being a lesbian in 2010. Remarried in 2012 to my current amazingly beautiful and spiritual wife Joyce and my two sons. My life is getting better all the time. My family comes from Cameron TX and I embrace that part of my lineage. I am in no way a California guy. I'm a Texan.