Hunting & Gun Laws

AntiFa: Liberal Neo Nazi Cowards

By now, every alert sane person knows of Antifa, the millennial group that rose again after nearly 80 years of absence. Their main objective is to overthrow the Trump- Pence Administration calling them a racist fascist regime. They liken us to Nazis when in fact the Nazis were socialists themselves. Their goal is a socialist America which is what would have happened should Bernie Sanders have become President.

Look at Venezuela, the country is one of the worst places in the world to live. The people there are oppressed due to the government distributing wealth so that everyone gets a piece of someone else’s pie. Socialism is rampant in Venezuela. That’s what Bernie would like to implement here. No Thank You. I like my capitalism thank you very much, because if I work harder, my family benefits, not the lazy bum in the street. If I want to give them something, I do it freely, not because my government takes it.

However, it still happens with welfare and social security. Consequently though, SSI is something we pay into throughout our careers, while welfare is meant to be a helping hand. Unfortunately, democrats turn it into a career choice for the low income societies to keep them dependent on the democrats in order to secure their vote come election time.

Most low income families vote democrat because they are the ones who create the social services. Antifa is also a democrat inspiration, as is the KKK.



They want them to believe that the Conservative party is racist when in fact the democrats voted to keep slavery and not give the blacks suffrage rights. The liberals use ad hominem to call everything they disagree with racist. Liberal groups like Antifa want to just live at home and get free stuff. Their parents aren’t helping by allowing it.


Liberals fight any conservative values like hard work and patriotism. The wimps say we are racist for saying “America First”. They are the racist ones. The Nazis are deflecting their sins onto us. They blame us for what they are guilty of. Antifa is a prime example. Anyone who joins Antifa has to cover their face because they are cowards. They use weak tactics like hitting people from behind because they are too weak to attack head on. They say it begins on November 4. Nothing is happening yet. Few brave souls are brave enough to show up. The rest probably in their parents basements, too busy playing keyboard warrior on Twitter. Trump supporters showed up and chased the Austin Antifa out of the streets and back home. Don’t mess with Texas.

Hunting & Gun Laws

Veterans Day 2017

This Veterans Day, thank a soldier or veteran for the service and sacrifice they made for us. Many are living in tents by the river and are in wheelchairs looking for jobs, begging for money to make a living. They have been put in these situations by being diagnosed with PTSD aka post traumatic stress disorder. My grandfather Donald C Reath was in the Coast Guard. He sounded like an amazing man from the stories my mama told me. A good ole boy from Texas.

Donald C Reath, United States Coast Guard


My other Grandfather is Captain David Mackenroth from the USMC. He has been a really big inspiration to me. He has encouraged me in whatever I wanted to do, so naturally, I chose to go to law school. Like he did. He did boxing and taught jui jitsu in the Marines.

David Mackenroth, Captain, USMC
Photo credit by Ralph Laird


Many others in my family and my wife’s family serving in the military right now and a few have partaken in some dangerous ops. My family is a military family, so I’m aware of the cost and sacrifice. One of my best friends I grew up with went to Iraq as a corpsman for the Navy. I didn’t get the opportunity to serve due to my hearing loss, but God had a reason for that. It was so I could be my wife’s husband and my sons’ father. However, I will always respect and support our military because that is why we are free. 

The military is what keeps enemies like Isis and North Korea at bay. Moreover, the fact we have the second amendment keeps the world from attacking us on our soil, because we will fight back. I’ll defend my wife and sons safety to the death if anyone breaks into my home. They’ll be leaving in a coroners van or an ambulance because of my hot Texas temper. My fighting skills come unhinged when my family is in danger. 

Hunting & Gun Laws

Bullying: Damage and Consequences

Why do people bully others? Why are people so nasty to one another? The answer? They feel insecure and lonely, and misery loves company. Recently my beloved has been cyber bullied

We must be careful

by a nasty woman in a whole different state. It’s takes everything I have not to unleash a verbal assault of words on her. Nobody messes with my wife. My wife has been depressed all week since this sad woman began their cyber assault on my wife’s integrity. All over a stupid hashtag. Guess what lady, you’re lucky my baby don’t want me getting involved. I’d jack your jaw. We don’t mess with Texas for a reason, and you’re lucky you ain’t finding out the hard way.

Bully leads to suicide and depression. If I was to lose my wife over this, you would suffer the wrath of a Redneck with a Texas temper. If y’all find out your wife if being bullied, or anyone, spend time with the person. I took my wife out of town after work, and let her buy a book with money I was saving for other  things. I wouldn’t leave her and asked her to come with me.

The bullying doesn’t affect just the person being bullied. It affects their closest companions too.

Suicide is a direct consequence of bullying, and you can never give back someone’s life once it’s taken.


Yall remember our our moms and dads saying “if you can’t say anything nice , don’t say anything at all “? Well it’s true. Jesus commanded us to love each other as we love ourselves. We need to be ready to defend the sheep against the wolves. I will protect my wife and be there to love her and support her. The same for anyone in need.