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Tear Gas: Necessary or Overkill?

A lot of bleeding heart liberals are in an uproar about the use of the tear gas against the invaders at the border. However, what they fail to mention is that these migrants were storming the border the same way they did in Mexico to bust through their gates. They were also throwing rocks at the border patrol agents. This is not what asylum seekers do under duress fleeing from civil unrest in their home country

Denying Asylum in Mexico

If they were really destitute and unemployed people, they would not have complained about the food they were given in Mexico, and accepted asylum there. They were also committing crimes in foreign countries using their kids as human shields. The parents of these children should not have come thousands of miles with their kids. They were lied to by the democrats and others who want to see America destabilized so they can rise to power.



The Border Patrol saw a massive group throwing rocks at them trying to tear down the gates, after doing this previously to gain entry to another country, so they used a non lethal form of repellant to deter the group. They weren’t assaulted at all. They went up against the most powerful nation in the world, and tried to force their way in, and lost. They are lucky they didn’t have to deal with the militias who would have shot them with live ammo, and had every right to.

We will defend our borders and our freedom from any threats, foreign or domestic, and we will win. We are the United States of America! Don’t storm our borders. Don’t sneak in, and don’t even thing about trying to wage a war. You will lose. 

Hunting & Gun Laws

Veteran Suicide

Did you know that 23 veterans will commit suicide everyday? What are we doing wrong?  We need to show those who have served our country how much they still mean to us! Chris Kyle gave his life serving veterans and it just goes to show how much they need our help. Most of our homeless are veterans, and are strung out on drugs. Here are a few different ways to help veterans keep their mind off of suicide.

They sacrificed their lives for us! We need to return the favor by taking take of them

Ideas to Help

1. Check in with them daily: Many people need to feel like they are needed in life and need that daily social interaction whether they think so or not. It’s easier said than done, but if it ends up saving their life, it will be worth it. 

No matter the battle, no veteran, should have to go it alone!

2. Invite them to church: Don’t take it personal if they decline, but just an invitation is enough to show you care and are invested in them. Be sincere about the invitation though, as veterans are smart, and can tell fake people from sincere people who truly are interested. 


3. Ask them about how they are feeling: Really ask them and listen. Sometimes they will just need to vent. Get ready for some salty language from some of them though, but don’t hold it against them. Over time, it may soften, but if not, who cares, they are still alive for you to enjoy them and for them to enjoy life most importantly. Don’t try to fix them, we are all messed up. 

4. Invite them to serve in a ministry or volunteer with you at a shelter: It will renew their sense of purpose and help give them something to look forward to. 

5. Take them out to dinner: it will show them they have friends and people care about them. It may take a few times asking, but don’t give up.

6. Help them get a service dog: a service dog will give them some responsibility and will give them help in return. It will be their best friend in their most dire times of need and will be with them at all times. When their symptoms flare up, the dog will know how to react in a way to calm them down.

A dog is mans best friend. A trained service dog senses PTSD symptoms and reacts to keep the veteran calm.

“It is our duty to serve those who have already served”- Chris Kyle 1974-2013

Hunting & Gun Laws

Migration or Invasion?

There is a group of Central American people headed from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala to supposedly seek refuge here in the United States. They are being funded by a globalist group that wants a world without borders. The goal is to topple and weaken the USA economy by overloading our resources with immigrants to take care of. Mean while in Europe both France and Germany are calling for a Europe Union Army. George Soros is funding Antifa to mob in the streets in Portland and other known left leaning cities. We need militias to rise up and fight back. Our freedom is at stake.