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The Snowflakes and Liberals: Liberal Hypocrisy

Why is it that all of these liberals are being soft and weak minded individuals? Could it be that the baby boomers were hard on the following generations for a reason? Could it be that they just wanted America to be successful? But these people have been letting their feelings dominate them for years. Since the Carter Administration, liberals have been protesting wars and even before that, the civil rights era also saw a lot of violence in protests leading to the assassinations of Malcolm X and Dr. King. Enter the Liberal Hypocrisy.

The violence and looting we saw then pales in comparison to what we see now. People blocking highways and streets, violence at rallies, and riots over the election results. Didn’t Hillary tell Donald Trump that, if she won, he would have to accept the results? Now here we see her along with the nobody, Jill Stein, filing for recounts? Really? Sounds like a liberal double standard to me. I’m sick of it too. Just like when the people in Baltimore were rioting after a young black man was shot. They cried racism! But Levoy Finicum and the Bundy Family were branded domestic terrorists for occupying a vacant building. Can you say Liberal Hypocrisy?image

Many college professors are feeding the college kids this liberal progressive garbage, telling white students about white privilege and they are even hearing it from actors too. Y’all, the mainstream media is liberally biased. People should not feel shame or be apologetic over something that happened centuries ago. George Soros is the mastermind behind this playing Obama like a mobster puppet from Chicago, seeking to set up the New World Order. We must not be sitting on our thumbs while he goes out and tries this. This is America, and Donald Trump is the President now. Hillary conceded; the election is over. Donald Trump won. Hence the Liberal Hypocrisy. Now she is crying the system is not fair. image

All these whiny millenials need to grow up and get a job! They ask how are they gonna pay rent and for the stuff they want? Get a job like the rest of us!!! Quit being whiny little babies and GROW UP!!! Nobody owes anyone anything except to be the best productive members of society that they can be! Y’all want to end up like Russia after the collapse of the USSR? It took them twenty years to get where they are now. Socialism does not work in a republic or democracy like America. It works in China because they have a dictatorship and they have merchandise to export unlike us. 2015-10-21 16.03.02

We need to focus on our economy before we can talk about taking in refugees. We need to help the millions of veterans homeless in the streets before taking in people from another countries that hate America and want to see it fall. They are relying on the liberal softness to gain access to our borders like a Trojan Horse. America, wake up and see the Government for what it is, a corrupt system. I expected Hillary to win regardless, but Donald winning gave me hope that America still has a chance to be great again.