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God works in mysterious ways

I was recently invited to partake in the testing to become a trainee for the Stanislaus County Sheriffs Department. Due to my schedule at work, I would had to postpone the testing until the next testing day, however, God has other plans apparently. There is a huge storm front moving in on the region, and it’s supposed to be heavy. We are talking some real “batten down the hatch” type weather. I check my email tonight after a long day of celebrating my beautiful wife’s birthday, watching my son James scrimmage in wrasslin’ and the awards ceremony for my son Jed getting the MMC Championship in High School Football. Lo and behold, the testing was postponed until January. I have a month to condition for the training, which will give me an opportunity to uphold the law in a Christ-like manner. Also it will allow people to see the real reason people put on their badges and strap their gun to their side. I will be a sworn officer of the law. I will protect my city and my family with a vengeance from ISIS and any other threat to our American way of life. My point being, as referenced in Proverbs 3:5,6, if we trust God and put Him first in our lives like He asks, He will direct us where we should be going. Again and again, I put my life in His hands, and He never disappoints me. He is faithful with His promises. We should all be thanking Him everyday for His bountiful blessings.